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Belize Educational & Volunteer Programs

Rainforest Medicinal Plants workshop in Belize featuring native Mayan guides.

Can you imagine a more perfect eco-learning destination than Belize? With its proximity to North America, English-speaking people, exotic wildlife and rich diversity of resources, Belize is unbeatable for travelers wanting a discovery experience in educational and volunteer programs.

Over twenty five years ago, U.S. ecotourism operators pioneered study travel to Belize by sending group tours led by biologists and archaeologists. Other organizations, such as the Sierra Club and various zoos, helped make Belize a choice destination. These beginnings flowered into a vast array of offerings. Belize’s leadership in eco-cultural tourism promises a rich future in this small country that has rejected “mass tourism” for environmentally friendly tourism. Experiential learning programs in Belize tend to come in the form of organized study tours, institute or school-based courses and formal volunteer service programs. These programs have the advantage of organization applied to a quality experience. Some of them have been in operation for over a decade, developing the best teachers and curriculums available.