Toledo District, Southern Belize

Punta Gorda Town, Farmers Market

Mayan vendors preparing tortilla, chili and coffee beans at the Punta Gorda Town Farmers Market.

Toledo District is Belize’s most southern district and has the nation’s largest Mayan population. Many Garifuna, Creole and Mestizo, people also call the district home (as do an increasing number of North American immigrants). Toledo is equally ecologically diverse. Those who love diving, snorkeling, fly-fishing and sailing will find Belize’s best kept nautical secret in the deep-south. Inland adventurer seekers can spend days in the jungle kayaking, river-tubing, exploring caves and visiting Maya ruins like Lubaantun and Nim Li Punit.Map of Toledo District, Belize

Punta Gordia Town, Belize

Aerial view of Punta Gorda Town

Mayan life in Toledo goes far beyond ancient stones. Toledo’s Mayan home stay programs bring visitors into the homes of local families, where they take part in daily activities, crafts and annual events like the Deer Dance festival. Mayan families enjoy sharing their culture with you. Learn to make tortillas in a traditional home, Listen to the tranquil sounds of the Maya harp or marimba being played by elders. Meet new friends and share new experiences, perfect for families with children.

Water Activities

Garifuna Native Drummer

Garifuna drummer and builder in Punta Gorda Town

The waters off Toledo District offer some of the best fishing in Belize. Fly, trolling, spin; it’s all available year round. There is an abundance of game fish Like bone fish, tarpon, and permit that Live in the coastal waters of Southern Belize. Guides are expert local fishermen who can take you to their favorite spots.

Made up off four different islands, the Snake Cayes are perfect for a day trip of kayaking, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach. There are several established dive sites as well. Hundreds of sea birds and endangered manatees lives in the habitat around the cayes.

Accommodations in Toledo range from luxurious eco-resorts tucked away in the jungle to quaint family-run inns and seaside hotels in Punta Gorda. Wherever you stay, you’ll find a people and place as diverse as the nation itself.

Cotton Tree Lodge, Southern Belize