Belize Destinations

Belize destinations represent a world of natural resource and attractions found in such is a small and beautiful country. You will find a variety of destinations from which you can begin your visit. This is no ordinary vacation destination, as the Central American gateway to the Caribbean, this unspoiled tropical paradise offer a unique vacation experience.

Destinations includes beautiful coastal beaches such as the Placencia Peninsula and Hopkins Bay where you can experience unique cultures, soak up the sun in a cozy hammock, lie on the beach for a natural suntan, paddle, kayak or go beachcombing. The same applies to the dozens and dozens of beautiful cayes offshore where you can dive, snorkel, fish and do other water sports.

Belize largest island Ambergris Caye is an all time favorite among first time visitors while just south of it you can visit the smaller and more laid-back islands of Caye Caulker and Caye Chapel.

You can also journey inland where the unspoiled rainforest and the Ancient Mayan heartland will reveal enchanting secrets. Hop across the border and visit Tikal in Guatemala from popular towns and villages in the Cayo District of Western Belize such as beautiful San Ignacio Town and Benque Viejo del Carmen.

Visiting Belize’s towns and villages is just as culturally rich as the country’s diverse natural resources. You will meet a mixture of English Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo, Mayan and European among others. No matter where you go in Belize you will feel right at home, cared for and mesmerized by beautiful and friendly people.

Placencia Peninsula

View of the Placencia Village Cove, one of the best swimming beaches is all of Belize. The Placencia Peninsula in Belize is a spectacular 16 miles stretch of white sandy beach on the Caribbean coastline located about 100 miles south of Belize City. Carefree, scenic and very laid-back, this popular destination is picture-postcard perfect. Vacationers...

Cayo, Western Belize

The Macal River Valley in the Cayo District features the majority of inland tours sites in Belize. The Cayo District in Western Belize is the heart of the Belize rainforest. In sync with Mother Nature's ways; it is an open-air wonderland that spread’s across 2,000 square miles of verdant landscape, rolling green hills, lush valleys,...

Toledo District, Southern Belize

Mayan vendors preparing tortilla, chili and coffee beans at the Punta Gorda Town Farmers Market. Toledo District is Belize’s most southern district and has the nation's largest Mayan population. Many Garifuna, Creole and Mestizo, people also call the district home (as do an increasing number of North American immigrants). Toledo is equally ecologically diverse. Those who...

Ambergris Caye

Turquoise Caribbean waters and beach hotels in San Pedro Town on beautiful Ambergris Caye. Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize and one of the most popular destinations in the country for island-seekers. It is approximately 15 minutes by flight and 1 hour by water taxi from Belize City. It features the most resorts...