Popular Water Falls

Big Rock Falls

Big Rock Falls, Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, Belize

Big Rock Falls is just one among many waterfalls found in Belize. This amazing 150 foot high waterfall plummets into a deep and perfectly rounded pool at the base of the fall. The pool is very deep enabling visitors to swim or climb up the big granite rocks on the right side and dive in. En route to the fall you will hear the tumbling waters echoing through the valley from about two miles away.

The falls are located on the Belize Privassion River which is one of several tributaries in the lower basin of the parent Macal River in Western Belize. This area is a part of the very rich Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve. Here the streams are arranged radically to feed the main steam; principal lower basin rivers that flows into the Macal River are the Privassion, Rio On, Rio Frio and Mollejon. (Note: Getting to the falls involves hiking over slippery rocks and a deep decent to get to the base of the fall itself, you should be in relatively good physical condition)..

Hidden Valley (1000 ft falls)

BELIZE MOUNTAIN PINE RIDGE RESERVE: This is the only pine forest in all of Central America and one of Belize’s greatest assets that provides endless opportunities for adventure. Enveloped by jagged mountain ranges and chilly crystalline rivers coursing over marbled boulders, this enchanted forest shelters a cornucopia of unusual flora and fauna. Cool, pine-scented air drifts between the branches of hardwood trees doused with bromeliads, delicate orchids and mossy ferns. Narrow clay pathways layered with pine needles, fallen leaves and intertwining vines weave stealthily around the timbered turf.

Amidst the dramatic vegetation, are rare birds and animals including the he Baird’s tapir (the national animal of Belize). From top to bottom, patches of dense forest are surrounded by natural beauty. Pristine waterfalls, intricate cave networks and a maze of hiking trails help to create the impressive setting in this rustic, outdoor playground. You can travel to the highest point of the mountains in the area and get a panoramic view of the reserve.

Popular attractions at the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve include the Hidden Valley Falls (or 1000-ft Falls), which thunder over a granite ledge into the mists below. The Rio Frio Cave and the Rio On Pools. All three sites can be done on a day tour or you can also visit Caracol Belize’s largest Mayan Archeological Site at the foot of the Mayan Mountains and stop at the Rio Fario Cave and Rio On Pools on the way back.

Belize Rio On Pools

Rio On Pools, Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve, Belize

RIO ON POOLS is a series of mini pools which create a series of falls among huge boulders. The topmost pool is a popular swimming hole tourist and locals alike. Above water rushes over granite boulders at Rio On Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve.  

A popular and exciting combination of tours in this area is to visit Caracol, Belize’s largest Mayan Archeological Site at the foot of the Mayan Mountains and stop at the Rio Fario Cave and Rio On Pools on the way back.