Glover’s Atoll Resort

Glover's Atoll Resort

Aerial view of Glover’s Atoll Resort, Northeast Cay, Glover’s Reef Atoll, Belize

Glover's Resort HutResort at SunsetGlover’s Atoll Resort is located at Belize’s southernmost and remote atoll. This is a rustic but charming resort where you will enjoy excellent diving, snorkeling and swimming right from beach. Glover’s Atoll is 90 square miles (145 km) with 700 patch reefs in the lagoon and is surrounded by 50 miles (80.5km) of sheer drop-offs, which start from 25 feet and drop straight down to 2,700 feet (900 m), 45 miles (72.45 km) from the mainland. Reef crests, islands, flats offer great catch and release spin or fly-fishing.

At this beautiful and remote location you will find complete privacy and solitude with access to an amazingly beautiful unspoiled group of islands and reefs, a place to sleep, cook (or order seafood meals in the restaurant), a truly unique experience in traditional Belizean living and the adventure of a lifetime.


Glover's Resort DormGlover's Resort CampingAccommodations include camping where you can set up your tent on the gorgeous white sandy beach with coconut trees on the sea, hammocks and shared cooking area. The island has a lot of beautiful beach with beach lounge chairs and hammocks.

Dormitories with two rooms and four beds each, shared cooking area with campers with pots, pans, utensils, candle jars, kerosene stoves, hammocks, beach lounge chairs, shower stalls, and shared composting toilets. Dormitory and the tents have sheets and mattresses.

glovers-sunsetcabinThe Thatch Cabins on the beach and over the water comes with one double to up to four beds for families. Each cabin has, sheets, mattresses (bring towels) pots, pans, utensils, candle jars, a kerosene stove, hammocks, beach lounge chairs, shared composting toilets and shower stalls. No electricity. Heavy alcohol or drug users not welcome. You have the option to do all your own cooking or you may order the occasional meal or all your meals from the thatch restaurant.

7 Nights Island Package Includes:

(Shorter packages can be customized by request)
  • For travel out to the island on Sunday and return Saturday
  • Round trip boat transfer from Sittee River to Glover’s Atoll Resort
    (Travel on any other day other than Sunday or Saturday will require a charter boat from Dangriga or Hopkins starting at $300USD each way)
  • Lodging in an Overwater Cabin 📷
  • Hotel Taxes
  • $425 per person

Note: Package does not includes food!
*There is a cooking corner in each cabin

Bring food, supplies, soap, towels, flashlight, candles, matches/lighter, solar shower(optional) sunscreen, bug repellent, liquor or soft drinks, raincoat for Sittee River and maybe boat. Bring on boat food for lunch, snacks, and keep sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and rain gear handy. Music with earphones only. Low price is made possible by carrying freight, lumber, and coconuts; please help with loading and unloading.

ISLAND ACTIVITIES & RATES (tax not icluded)

Shore Dive $14 your gear / $26 W/rental Double: $150 Full week rental
Boat Dive $45 your gear / $55 W/rental Single: $95 Full week rental
Night Dive $59 your gear / $69 W/rental Hourly rate: $20 PP (3 hours)
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Pleas Note:

  • Rates do not include air transfers from Belize Int’l or city
  • Prices are per person based on double occupancy (two people a each cabin)
  • Full payment is due upon reservation confirmation
  • Children under 12 staying with parents pay 1/2 price
  • Group price: 12th person stays free!
  • Stay for a month and get one week free
  • Belizeans and Peace Corp pay 1/2 price May through November
    (must have I.D. for organization)