Belize Resorts

Belize Resorts

Cool Caribbean breeze and barefoot elegance says it all about Belize resorts.

This is not a high rise hotel destination Belize resorts are situated in a more natural setting with accommodations to suit everyone and any budget. On the beaches and islands Belize resorts and hotels offer an ambiance of relaxation, friendliness and attentive service. Some are all inclusive full service resorts with complementary onsite activities, amenities and accommodations ranging from luxurious rooms to private villas. For visitors who really wants to experience the authenticity of the tropics many beach and jungle resorts features thatched roof cabanas nestled in beautiful tropical gardens. Others offer a more rustic but charming simplicity and style. Many offer economy. The options are vast and colorful. Choosing the place that is right for you can be fun and rewarding.

Belize Resorts Listing

Visitors searching for a sampling of the local culture should try the Home Stay Program in the Toledo District. Stay in a Maya village and dine with Maya families for a truly unique experience. Regardless of where you come from, chances are you’ll find the place that’s right for you.

Ambergris Caye Resorts | Book Accommodations, Get Prices

At Ambergris Caye Resorts you will enjoy a cool easterly Caribbean Breeze and a spectacular view of Belize Great Barrier Reef only a half mile offshore. These island resorts are the nearest to the Belize  International Airport which is located only a short 15 minutes flight from the Ambergris Caye. You can also get there by water...

Placencia Resorts | Choose from Budget to Luxury Options

View of the Placencia Resorts Peninsula Cove down in Placencia Village point. Placencia resorts are located just a coconut’s throw from the warm, multicolored hues of the Caribbean Sea. You can enjoy sunny beaches or just relax in a hammock under the shade of two palm trees. This sandy peninsula offers a diverse array of...

Private Island Resorts

Ranguana Caye located 18 miles (an hour boat ride) from the Placencia Peninsula and sits practically on a portion of Belize’s southern barrier reef. Belize Private Islands Resorts offer a chance for the ultimate escape to getaway from it all. This will be like having your very own island paradise. Time will stop and nature...

Belize Jungle Lodges

Lush gardens of rare tropical plants and flowers create a perfect jungle hideaway for Belize Jungle Lodges. Some are nestled against a backdrop of mountains and river valleys, while others are shrouded by dense forest. Intricately decorated jungle lodges lying inconspicuously among sheltering foliage resemble rustic, paneled log cabins or spacious huts with pointed, steeple-like thatch...