Tikal Tour Packages from Belize

Tikal Ancient Mayan, Guatemala

Temple of the Great Jaguar, the structure is a funerary temple associated with Jasaw Chan K’awiil I, a Classic Period ruler of the polity based at Tikal. The tomb of this ruler has been located by archaeologists deep within the structure.

Tikal Jaguar TempleCertain archaeological sites like Tikal become national symbols for the country where they are located, appearing on everything from travel posters to airline ads, guidebook covers, and the local currency. What would Peru be without Machu Peicchu, Cambodia without Ankor Wat, Egypt without the Sphinx? The Mayan ruins of Tikal, one of the wonders of the ancient world represents the same symbolic role for Guatemala.

Tikal Queen

This tiny artifact fragment amply shows Classic Maya mastery of sculptural form. Its monumental character suggests the upper level elite status of a Mayan woman during the Classic Period.

Tikal was one of the great Classic Mayan cities mysteriously abandoned around AD 900. The site includes huge pyramids such as the Temple of the Jaguar (above). But Maya Civilization did not disappear, it continued in an altered form in the Yucatan and Chiapas regions of Mexico, Parts of Guatemala and other regions of Central America primarily Belize and Honduras.

Today there are still keepers of the 260 day Stela of Tikal last king, Hasaw Cha’an K’awiil II, who ruled from 682 up to 734 AD.

Lake Peten, GuatemalaLake Peten Itza, Guatemala: This beautiful lake is home to the town of Flores and is located about 40 miles from Tikal. Its size is about 48km long and covers an area of 98km. The lake is 50 meters below sea level and likely to have held water during arid glacial periods. “Most travelers who make plans to visit Tikal is unaware of this magnificent lake just waiting for you to take a refreshing dip or just sit and enjoy the almost unbelievable, Caribbean like, clear waters.”

Tikal is conveniently located just 1 1/2 hour from Belize’s Western border by road and 1 hour flight from the Belize International Airport making Tikal Belize an easy and exciting tour. Most jungle resorts located in western part of the country also offer Tikal day or overnight tours. However, since Tikal is such a large and spectacular site most visitors prefer to spend one or two nights in or near the park.

Our exclusive one and two nights Tikal packages includes accommodations in the park close to the ruin and are designed to let you spend as much time in the park as possible.


(Prices valid January 05 to June 30, 2018)

2 Nights Private Tikal Tour Package by Air
W/stay in the park at jungle lodge
– Round trip flight transfers Belize int’l – Flores, Guatemala
– Leave BZE 4:40PM arrive Flores 5:25PM
– Private transfer to Jungle Lodge, Tikal Park
– Free time to explore on your own
– Dinner & Overnight Jungle Lodge
– Next Day: Tikal tour w/entrance fees, guided tour, lunch, visit the Tikal Museum, free time (Can return to the ruin on your own after the guided tour and climb the Jaguar temple at sunset)
– Dinner and overnight Hotel Jungle Lodge
– Next day: American breakfast and transfer back to Flores airport for Flight back to Belize Int’l
– Leave FRS 8:30AM arrive BZE 9:15AM
Double $690 per person (two people traveling together)
Single $890.00 (one person traveling alone)
(Group rates available)
*Departure tax from Belize is included in the packages

** Guatemala country departure tax of $33 per person, not included and will be collected at airport in Flores

Overnight Tikal Belize Tour Package, “By road”

W/stay in the park at Jungle Lodge
– Day 1: Leave Belize in the morning 8:00Am arrive Jungle Lodge 11:30AM (Can also leave later in the day with Tikal tour the following morning to afternoon then return to Belize in the evening)
– Private tour w/guide & park fees – Dinner & Overnight Jungle Lodge
– Day 2: Breakfast then transfer back to Belize City
– Leave Jungle Lodge 8:00AM arrive BZE 11:30AM
Double* $445 per person
Triple* $365 per person
* Single $740 (one person traveling alone)
*Prices do not include border/visa fee of $18 per person

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  • We can customized the packages to suit your needs
  • Ambergris Caye to Tikal (same package + SPR flights ) add $140 per person
  • Add a Canopy Zip Line tour on arrival day $45 per person
  • Add an extra night at Jungle Lodge w/meals $98 per person